How to Install a Window

how to install a window

Did you know that EZ-Hang isn’t just for installing doors? When you install your windows using EZ-Hang, you’ll get a strong, easy, trouble free and energy efficient window installation. Watch the video on this page to see how to install a window for years of trouble free operation. There are many things to consider when installing windows.

How to Install a Window: EZ-Hang

Here are a few tips:

  • Caulk the Rough Opening prior to setting the window
  • Check unit for level on the sill
  • Check sides for plumb (vertical)
  • Measure diagonally for square

EZ-Hang can be used during the rough framing or when drywall has already been installed. In this video you will see a window with a pre-attached vinyl extension jamb get installed. You can use EZ-Hang on any window that is the full wall depth. Or you can use them to install your window extension jambs. This will eliminate the need for screws or nailing through the window jambs or extension. Get a clean looking window installation with NO nails to fill or screws exposed!

Deciding on Type of Window to Install: The Wood versus Vinyl Debate

What are the pros and cons to both vinyl windows and wood windows? Vinyl windows are normally less expensive than wood windows, and can be less susceptible to water, moisture and ultraviolet damage. However, many like the feel and warm look of a quality built wood window.

A quality wood window, most often comes at a higher price tag. Most wood windows today are a combination of vinyl cladding. This window has the exterior wrapped or covered with vinyl and the inside is bare wood to be finished as desired. These windows are a hybrid that requires less exterior maintenance with the options of interior finish.

The key to any quality window are the ratings. Be sure to check the U-value, R-value and low E coatings.

R-Value – The capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

U-value – A measure of the heat transmission through a building part (such as a wall or window) or a given thickness of a material (such as insulation) with lower numbers indicating better insulating properties.

Low E – Low E (low emissivity) windows have a microscopically thin coating that reflects heat. 

Vinyl Windows

  • No painting or staining required
  • Less problems with moisture or condensation damage
  • Cost effective
  • Works well with painted trim
  • Less maintenance

Wood/Wood Cladding

  • Paint or stain desired colors
  • Warm feel
  • Normally higher quality
  • Richer look
  • Susceptible to sun or moisture damage
  • Painting or staining maintenance

For more information on window installation, see: extension jamb installation. 

Door Installation Has Never Been Easier

  • Install 5X Faster
  • Eliminate Shims
  • Perfect Fit Every Time



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