Benefits For Manufacturers
Retailers, Builders and Homeowners have many choices these days when it comes to who they do business with. What customers really need is an easy method to install pre-hung doors. As you know, companies need a little extra something to earn that trusted business relationship. Otherwise you can become just one of many in the stack of choices. New products are constantly being introduced around the world. However, few of these products can provide additional value for such a broad customer base. Often times, when it does, the product loses appeal and the costs outweigh the benefit.

Take this opportunity to consider a value adding product for installing pre-hung doors just like EZ-Hang. Being a manufacturer, you understand the product you sell must fill a need. The need you fill when you pre-hang a door is less time, fewer tools, and really, less experience required. Pre-hanging doors in themselves have become a thriving business throughout the country. There are few builders or homeowners that would even consider hanging a door on their own.

We take installing a pre-hung door and make it even easier for the builder or homeowner. The problem we solve is with the actual door installation. Often times, pre-hung doors are purchased without a clue on how to install them. This is not limited to just the homeowner and do-it-yourselfer, but even contractors and builders. How much time and money does your company spend on product problems that turn out to not have anything to do with the product itself? You may have one or two people, or even a complete department dedicated to this issue. You get a call; send out a company representative, only to discover the problem was an installation problem. EZ-Hang will not only pay for itself, it will add value to the customer, the installation and, most importantly, make you money!

  • Do you think you could sell more doors with tried, tested, and reliable way to install it?
  • Do you think you would save money by cutting back on the expense of correcting improper installations?
  • Would your customers appreciate an easy, accurate way to hang a door in the rough opening?


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