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Door installation

We are happy to introduce the strongest, most efficient, and easiest method for premium door installation available today. 

The Strongest Door Installation Kit available

With 11 points of contact and security on the jamb, the EZ-Hang Premium door installation system is the strongest door installation kit on the market, while still remaining to be the quickest and easiest system to install. 

Simple Installation

No bending. No cutting. No modification in the field needed.  Simply attach the brackets and install the door. The easiest premium door installation method available.

A Stronger Installation

The shortest span between brackets means the strongest door installation available on the market, along with the quickest installation time. Both sides of the jamb are secured. 


Top Jamb Strength

A bracket is included for the top jamb, which is a pivotal section of the jamb to secure, as it helps resist lateral movement and allows easy removal of any bow in the jamb. 

How Does it work?

EZ-Hang premium door installation works by attaching traditional EZ-Hang brackets to both sides of the jamb, creating the shortest span possible between brackets, allowing for the 5X the jamb stability. 

Attach Brackets

Attach the brackets where you would for a normal installation, along with 4 on the back side of the jamb, between the brackets on the front.


Remove Back Brackets

Remove the 4 brackets on the back side of the jamb by turning the screws back about 1/2 turn, then slide the brackets out through the keyhole slots.


Install the Door

Insert the door in the rough opening, attach the brackets to the wall using your reference line, then reattach the brackets on the back of the jamb using the keyhole slots. 


REvolutionizing Door Installation

A precision factory bent bracket means a stronger and faster door installation system. Separated and offset brackets on both sides of the jamb reduce jamb-span, increase stability and decrease installation time. 


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What is a Span and Why does it Matter?

To people in the construction field, the term “span” is commonplace terminology.

Simply put, a span is the distance between supports, or the amount of space that something covers between supporting objects. 

For example, the distance of a floor-joist from bearing wall to bearing wall, or a bridge across a river. 

The shorter the span is between the supporting objects of any structure, the stronger it will be and the less deflection or movement it will have. 


EZ-Hang’s Premium Door Installation kit provides the strongest door installation available today.