“Quick and Easy Door Hanging”

What is EZ-Hang?

EZ-Hang is a unique seven bracket door installation system that eliminates the need for shims. It allows a person of virtually any skill level to easily learn how to hang a door.

Hang a door up to 5X faster than traditional methods.

If you’re a homeowner looking to learn how to hang a door for the first time, or a builder looking to improve your quality and efficiency; look no further, you have found the strongest, best value system for hanging doors. You won’t find an easier way to hang a door anywhere!

What Sets Us Apart?

Patented Universal Installation

Our patented universal bracket system installs doors up to 5X faster than conventional  methods.  Use EZ-Hang to install interior or exterior doors, along with windows and extension jambs.

Unique Adjustable Attachment

EZ-Hang can be used with or without drywall, on either or both sides of the door,  at any stage of construction. There’s no need to bend or alter the bracket for use in the field.

Original Seven Bracket System

We include a seventh bracket to use on the top of the door for extra stability and adjustabilty. If you choose to apply it toward your next installation, it’s like every seventh door is free, or a cost savings of  over 15%.

How Can EZ-Hang Benefit Me?