Benefits For Builders

Builder, building, home You spend many hours building your business year by year, day by day, and even hour by hour. It’s not often you find ways to increase productivity and quality at the same time. Being a builder, you surely understand the phrase “time is money”.

If you found a way to more than triple your door installation production, would you be interested? Making a door install go quicker is just one of the benefits of EZ-Hang. Utilize a door hanging system that will speed your production and increase the quality of your workmanship. You and your crew will be installing doors and getting perfect door clearances with amazing speed and accuracy!

Look at our money savings example to see the dollars you will not only save, but the extra you will earn using this proven system. When door clearances are set correct from the start there is much less of a chance for you to be called back for adjustments.

Use a method of installing doors that does not include the use of wood shims. No more cutting and clean up of shim cuts. So whether you are a smaller construction company or run large trim crews, you will benefit from EZ-Hang.

EZ-Hang allows for installation from the inside/hinge side of the door by one person. As you know, this is the side you need to be on to square the jamb with the door.

After just a few installations you or your crew will be hanging doors in less than 5 minutes! Contact us with questions.

Money Savings Example
Using a conservative number, you will save at a minimum 30 minutes per door installation. This 30 minutes of time savings will translate into utilizing that 30 minutes to complete other work at the site. So, the actual time saved will really calculate out to be 1 hour of time.

Now, let’s take the wage you pay for your labor. Let’s say it’s $20.00 per hour.

Next, let’s apply this knowledge to the number of doors in a typical home, which is around 20.

The equation will be:

1-Hour x Hourly wage x Number of doors = Money Saved

  • Ex) 1 hour x $20 x 20 doors = $400.00 money savings! In your pocket. That’s just one house. Just think of the savings even over a year.

If you build 10 houses a year that’s $4,000!

Grab your calculator and plug in your numbers. You can’t afford not to use EZ-Hang!

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