EZ-Hang vs Other “Quick” Door Hanging Methods

Find out how EZ-Hang, the original door installation kit compares to other door installation methods and kits on the market.

Why EZ-Hang is Superior


The Original Door Install Kit

EZ-Hang is the first ever door install kit to replace shims.


7 Brackets Included

Other systems only include 6 – neglecting the top jamb.

Superior Customer Service

Customer service from a construction professional of over 30 years.


A Stronger Bracket

A wider, stronger bracket at the bend.

The Best Door Install Kit Available

EZ-Hang is the Original Door Installation Kit. The Rest are Imitations

EZ-Hang is the original door installation kit, designed by a contractor with over 30 years of experience. This allows us to offer not only a superior product, but better customer service.

EZ-Hang had already been on the market for two years, when other companies “came up with the idea” to start selling a door installation bracket.

These other imitation brackets are sold by companies with no construction experience, which leaves them stagnant when it comes to innovation. 

EZ-Hang includes 7 brackets, which leaves one bracket for the top jamb, as it is pivotal to secure. Cheap imitation systems only include 6 brackets, leaving the top jamb unsecured. 

Can be used on one or both sides of the door without bending or cutting in the field.

Use Above, Behind, or Below the Hinge

We’ve Been Building For Over 30 Years

Being in the construction industry for over 30 years, we strive to offer not only time and money saving products, but quality service.

We offer superior customer service on all things door installation and DIY. If you have any questions on your installation or door purchase, feel free to reach out!

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(231) 854-HANG (4624)

1,000’s of 5 Star Reviews

“I had a chance to use EZ-HANG and I love it! What a joy to finally have something that takes the hassle out of hanging doors. Thank you so much! I will use it again and again.”
Robin Hartl

TV Host, Home Time

“Your product simplifies the process and reduces the labor needed to install a door. I looked online and found the website and ordered enough for the house project we had underway. We like them so much that we ordered a 50 door whole house kit.”

VP NAHB Certified Remodelor, Green Professional

“I have never installed a door in my life, but using your product made it so easy. I hadn’t had a good night sleep thinking about hanging my solid core door or hanging myself (that’s a joke). Thank you so much for your product!”
Joe R.

First Time Installer

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